Bulova Calibre Movement and Spare Parts

Here you can find the list of calibres manufactured by Bulova.

Please click on the calibre number to view more details about the movement and spares available

Please reach out to me by email if you are unable to find the info about any specific calibre.

Calibre #Calibre #Calibre #
Bulova 1000.10Bulova 2422.11Bulova 6212.17
Bulova 1000.11Bulova 2423.10Bulova 6212.27
Bulova 1000.30Bulova 2423.11Bulova 6213.12
Bulova 1000.50Bulova 2426.10Bulova 6213.17
Bulova 1001.11Bulova 2426.11Bulova 6213.27
Bulova 1001.13Bulova 2431.10Bulova 6220.17
Bulova 1001.20Bulova 2433.10Bulova 6220.27
Bulova 1001.30Bulova 2440.50Bulova 6220.37
Bulova 1005Bulova 2451.10Bulova 6221.17
Bulova 1020.10Bulova 2452.10Bulova 6221.27
Bulova 1020.11Bulova 2453.10Bulova 6221.37
Bulova 1020.30Bulova 2453.50Bulova 6231.10
Bulova 1021.10Bulova 2456.10Bulova 6231.17
Bulova 1021.30Bulova 2461.10Bulova 6231.27
Bulova 1021.50Bulova 2462Bulova 6231.37
Bulova 1041.10Bulova 2462.10Bulova 6232.17
Bulova 1052.50Bulova 245Bulova 6232.27
Bulova 1080.10Bulova 246Bulova 6232.37
Bulova 1080.30Bulova 247Bulova 6236.17
Bulova 1080.60Bulova 250Bulova 6241.17
Bulova 1081.10Bulova 2500.10Bulova 6241.27
Bulova 10ABulova 2500.30Bulova 6241.37
Bulova 10AABulova 2522.10Bulova 6242.17
Bulova 10AAIBulova 2534.10Bulova 6242.27
Bulova 10ABBulova 2535.10Bulova 6242.37
Bulova 10ACBulova 2544.10Bulova 6246.17
Bulova 10AEBulova 2553.10Bulova 6246.27
Bulova 10AECBulova 2562.10Bulova 6250.17
Bulova 10AECSBulova 2562.20Bulova 6251.17
Bulova 10AFBulova 2576.10Bulova 6260.17
Bulova 10AHBulova 2577.10Bulova 6260.27
Bulova 10AHCBulova 2604.10Bulova 6271.17
Bulova 10AHCDBulova 2604.50Bulova 6282.17
Bulova 10AIBulova 2620.10Bulova 6283.17
Bulova 10AKBulova 2621.10Bulova 6290.17
Bulova 10AKCBulova 2622.10Bulova 6291.17
Bulova 10AKCSHBulova 2623.10Bulova 6292.17
Bulova 10ALBulova 2631.10Bulova 6316.17
Bulova 10AMBulova 2632.10Bulova 6316.27
Bulova 10ANBulova 2633.10Bulova 6321.17
Bulova 10ANCBulova 2640.10Bulova 6330.10
Bulova 10ANCSBulova 2650.10Bulova 6331.10
Bulova 10APBulova 2661.10Bulova 6331.20
Bulova 10ARBulova 2662.10Bulova 6342.10
Bulova 10ASBulova 2680.10Bulova 6343.10
Bulova 10ATBulova 2680.27Bulova 6343.30
Bulova 10AUBulova 2682.10Bulova 6346.10
Bulova 10AUCBulova 2682.37Bulova 6347.10
Bulova 10AWBulova 2683.10Bulova 6348.10
Bulova 10AXBulova 2683.37Bulova 6350.10
Bulova 10AXCSBulova 2686.10Bulova 6351.10
Bulova 10AXSBulova 2690.10Bulova 6352.10
Bulova 10AZBulova 2690.27Bulova 6362.17
Bulova 10BBulova 2692.10Bulova 6363.17
Bulova 10BABulova 2696.27Bulova 6372.10
Bulova 10BACBulova 2703.10Bulova 6372.17
Bulova 10BCBulova 2710.10Bulova 6373.10
Bulova 10BCCBulova 2720.10Bulova 6373.20
Bulova 10BEBulova 2732.10Bulova 6380.17
Bulova 10BHBulova 2732.20Bulova 6380.27
Bulova 10BKBulova 2742.10Bulova 6381.17
Bulova 10BLBulova 2750.10Bulova 6381.27
Bulova 10BLACBulova 2750.20Bulova 6382.17
Bulova 10BMBulova 2760.10Bulova 6384.17
Bulova 10BMCBulova 2772.10Bulova 6392.10
Bulova 10BMCDBulova 2783.10Bulova 6393.10
Bulova 10BNCHBulova 2800.10Bulova 6403.17
Bulova 10BOACBulova 2801.10Bulova 6406.17
Bulova 10BPBulova 2802.10Bulova 6410.17
Bulova 10BPACBulova 2803.10Bulova 6410.20
Bulova 10BPADBulova 2810.10Bulova 6411.17
Bulova 10BRCBulova 2810.27Bulova 6426.17
Bulova 10BSBulova 2822.17Bulova 6426.27
Bulova 10BTBulova 2822.27Bulova 6436.17
Bulova 10BTCBulova 2822.37Bulova 6442.10
Bulova 10BUBulova 2823.10Bulova 6442.17
Bulova 10BUCBulova 2823.27Bulova 6450.17
Bulova 10BZBulova 2823.37Bulova 6450.27
Bulova 10BZACBulova 2823.47Bulova 6451.17
Bulova 10BZACDBulova 2830.10Bulova 6451.27
Bulova 10BZCBulova 2831.10Bulova 6451.37
Bulova 10CBulova 2831.27Bulova 6454.17
Bulova 10CBACBulova 2831.37Bulova 6460.17
Bulova 10CBCDBulova 2840.17Bulova 6470.10
Bulova 10CHBulova 2840.27Bulova 6482.10
Bulova 10CKBulova 2841.27Bulova 6483.10
Bulova 10CLBulova 2852.10Bulova 6490.17
Bulova 10CMCBulova 2852.27Bulova 6491.10
Bulova 10CNCHBulova 2852.37Bulova 6491.17
Bulova 10COACBulova 2861.10Bulova 6506.17
Bulova 10COACDBulova 2862.10Bulova 6508.17
Bulova 10CPACDBulova 2872.27Bulova 6512.17
Bulova 10CRACBulova 2873.10Bulova 6521.10
Bulova 10CRACDBulova 2873.27Bulova 6532.10
Bulova 10CSCBulova 2882.10Bulova 6546.10
Bulova 10DBulova 2883.10Bulova 6575.10
Bulova 10EBulova 2892.10Bulova 6590.10
Bulova 10EBBulova 2892.37Bulova 6600.10
Bulova 10EBDBulova 2900.10Bulova 6600.17
Bulova 10EBD2Bulova 2900.27Bulova 6660.10
Bulova 10LBulova 2901.10Bulova 6661.10
Bulova 10PBulova 2901.27Bulova 6687.17
Bulova 10PBBulova 2901.37Bulova 6712.10
Bulova 10S FBulova 2902.27Bulova 6720.10
Bulova 10UTBulova 2910.17Bulova 6732.10
Bulova 10WBulova 2910.27Bulova 6732.20
Bulova 10ZCBulova 2920.10Bulova 6742.10
Bulova 10ZCCBulova 2921.10Bulova 6802.10
Bulova 10ZFBulova 2962.17Bulova 6802.20
Bulova 10ZLBulova 2962.27Bulova 6822.10
Bulova 10ZOCBulova 2963.17Bulova 6902.10
Bulova 1100.10Bulova 2963.27Bulova 6912.10
Bulova 1100.11Bulova 2971.10Bulova 6920.10
Bulova 1100.20Bulova 2980.17Bulova 6936.10
Bulova 1105Bulova 2980.27Bulova 6972.10
Bulova 1121.10Bulova 2992.10Bulova 6982.10
Bulova 1121.20Bulova 2992.17Bulova 6990.10
Bulova 1121.30Bulova 2N50Bulova 6A
Bulova 1121.52Bulova 2W20Bulova 6A0
Bulova 1122.10Bulova 2W30Bulova 6AA
Bulova 1122.50Bulova 3006.10Bulova 6AA1
Bulova 1123.12Bulova 3011.10Bulova 6AB
Bulova 1123.30Bulova 3034.10Bulova 6AC
Bulova 1123.52Bulova 3034.20Bulova 6AD
Bulova 1132.10Bulova 3035.10Bulova 6AE
Bulova 1132.12Bulova 3036.10Bulova 6AF
Bulova 1132.30Bulova 3036.11Bulova 6AH
Bulova 1132.52Bulova 3036.12Bulova 6AHC
Bulova 1133.10Bulova 3044.10Bulova 6AK
Bulova 1133.11Bulova 3204.10Bulova 6AL
Bulova 1133.12Bulova 3216.10Bulova 6AM
Bulova 1133.30Bulova 3216.11Bulova 6AMC
Bulova 1133.50Bulova 3226.10Bulova 6AN
Bulova 1133.52Bulova 3227.10Bulova 6AP
Bulova 1140.10Bulova 3236.10Bulova 6AR
Bulova 1140.11Bulova 3247.10Bulova 6AS
Bulova 1140.12Bulova 3250.10Bulova 6AT
Bulova 1160.60Bulova 3266.10Bulova 6AU
Bulova 1162.60Bulova 3276.10Bulova 6AW
Bulova 1192.10Bulova 3276.11Bulova 6AX
Bulova 11AACBulova 3286.10Bulova 6AZ
Bulova 11ABBulova 3296.10Bulova 6B
Bulova 11ABCBulova 3296.11Bulova 6B0
Bulova 11ACBulova 3306.10Bulova 6BA
Bulova 11ACACBulova 3316.10Bulova 6BC
Bulova 11ACCBulova 3336.10Bulova 6BD
Bulova 11AEBulova 3346.10Bulova 6BE
Bulova 11AERCBulova 3356.10Bulova 6BH
Bulova 11AFBulova 3356.11Bulova 6BK
Bulova 11AFABulova 3376.10Bulova 6BKC
Bulova 11AFACBulova 3396.10Bulova 6BL
Bulova 11AFACDBulova 3406.10Bulova 6BM
Bulova 11AFCBulova 3416.10Bulova 6BMC
Bulova 11AFCDBulova 3416.11Bulova 6BO
Bulova 11ALBulova 3436.10Bulova 6BOC
Bulova 11ALABulova 3436.11Bulova 6BP
Bulova 11ALACBulova 3446.10Bulova 6BPA
Bulova 11ALACDBulova 3456.10Bulova 6BS
Bulova 11ALCBulova 3466.10Bulova 6BU
Bulova 11ALCDBulova 3476.10Bulova 6C
Bulova 11ALDBulova 3486.10Bulova 6CA
Bulova 11ALLABulova 3486.11Bulova 6CAC
Bulova 11ANBulova 3496.10Bulova 6CB
Bulova 11ANACBulova 3506.10Bulova 6CBC
Bulova 11ANACBBulova 3506.11Bulova 6CD
Bulova 11ANACDBulova 3516.10Bulova 6CE
Bulova 11ANCBulova 3526.10Bulova 6CF
Bulova 11AOBulova 3526.20Bulova 6CFC
Bulova 11AOACBulova 3546.10Bulova 6CHAC
Bulova 11AOACBBulova 3546.11Bulova 6CK
Bulova 11AOACDBulova 3556.10Bulova 6CL
Bulova 11AOCBulova 3566.27Bulova 6CL2
Bulova 11AOCDBulova 3576.10Bulova 6CLC
Bulova 11ATRCDBulova 3576.27Bulova 6CLC2
Bulova 11AURCDBulova 3586.17Bulova 6CM
Bulova 11BKACBBulova 363Bulova 6CMA
Bulova 11BLBulova 3ABBulova 6CMAC
Bulova 11BLABulova 3ACBulova 6CN
Bulova 11BLACBulova 3AEBulova 6COAC
Bulova 11BLACDBulova 3AFBulova 6CS
Bulova 11BLCBulova 3AHBulova 6CT
Bulova 11BLCDBulova 3AKBulova 6CTC
Bulova 11BLDBulova 3ALBulova 6CU
Bulova 11BLLBulova 3ANBulova 6E
Bulova 11BSACBBulova 3ATBulova 6EA
Bulova 11BLLABulova 3N20Bulova 6EB
Bulova 11BSALBBulova 4ABBulova 6F
Bulova 11COAUDBulova 4ACBulova 6FL
Bulova 11D0Bulova 4ADBulova 6OK
Bulova 11ESACBBulova 4AEBulova 6M
Bulova 11ZEBulova 4AFBulova 6N
Bulova 1200.10Bulova 4AHBulova 6P
Bulova 1200.11Bulova 4AKBulova 6PP
Bulova 1200.30Bulova 4ALBulova 6S
Bulova 1233.10Bulova 4AMBulova 6T
Bulova 1233.11Bulova 4ANBulova 6TA
Bulova 1233.30Bulova 4APBulova 6TAA
Bulova 1233.50Bulova 4ARBulova 6UL
Bulova 1241.50Bulova 4ASBulova 6W
Bulova 1260.10Bulova 4ATBulova 6WH
Bulova 1281.10Bulova 4AUBulova 6WHC
Bulova 1281.50Bulova 4AWBulova 6WS
Bulova 1281.60Bulova 4AXBulova 6WUC
Bulova 1282.10Bulova 4FLBulova 7AA
Bulova 12BBulova 4PBulova 7AB
Bulova 12EBABulova 4PPBulova 7AC
Bulova 12EBACBulova 4SNBulova 7AD
Bulova 12EBACDBulova 5050Bulova 7ADC
Bulova 12EBADBulova 5650Bulova 7AE
Bulova 12ECACDBulova 5ABulova 7AF
Bulova 12ECADBulova 5AABulova 7AH
Bulova 1310.10Bulova 5ABBulova 7AK
Bulova 1310.30Bulova 5ACBulova 7AL
Bulova 1313.10Bulova 5ADBulova 7ALC
Bulova 1321.11Bulova 5AEBulova 7AM
Bulova 1321.30Bulova 5AFBulova 7AMC
Bulova 1321.50Bulova 5AHBulova 7AN
Bulova 1351.10Bulova 5AKBulova 7AP
Bulova 1352.10Bulova 5ALBulova 7AR
Bulova 1353.10Bulova 5ANBulova 7ASC
Bulova 1373.11Bulova 5APBulova 7AT
Bulova 1373.30Bulova 5ARBulova 7AW
Bulova 1373.50Bulova 5ATBulova 7AWC
Bulova 1380.10Bulova 5AWBulova 7BCAC
Bulova 1381Bulova 5AXBulova 7BEAC
Bulova 13ABBulova 5AZBulova 7BEACD
Bulova 13ACBulova 5BBulova 7BKACB
Bulova 13AEBulova 5BABulova 7BKACD
Bulova 13AFBulova 5BBBulova 7BLACD
Bulova 13AHBulova 5BCBulova 7BPC
Bulova 13ALBulova 5BDBulova 7BPP
Bulova 13ANBulova 5BOBulova 7BS
Bulova 13APBulova 5BUBulova 7BSC
Bulova 13ATBulova 5KBulova 7BU
Bulova 1412.11Bulova 5PBulova 7BUC
Bulova 1413.10Bulova 5PPBulova 7DB1
Bulova 1413.11Bulova 5PP1Bulova 7DBVI
Bulova 1413.30Bulova 6000.17Bulova 7DBZ1
Bulova 1432.10Bulova 6012.17Bulova 7DBZO
Bulova 1432.30Bulova 6012.27Bulova 7DC1
Bulova 1436.10Bulova 6013.27Bulova 7DCZO
Bulova 1436.30Bulova 6016.17Bulova 7EBD
Bulova 1453.10Bulova 6022.17Bulova 7EDA
Bulova 1453.10 POBulova 6022.27Bulova 7EDAD
Bulova 1453.30Bulova 6023.17Bulova 7EFACD
Bulova 1461.50Bulova 6023.27Bulova 7EFAD
Bulova 14EABulova 6026.27Bulova 7M
Bulova 14EBBulova 6030.17Bulova 7OBC
Bulova 14ECBulova 6030.27Bulova 7 OT
Bulova 14EFACDBulova 6040.17Bulova 7WF
Bulova 14EFADBulova 6040.27Bulova 7WH
Bulova 14EHADBulova 6050.17Bulova 7WM
Bulova 1500.10Bulova 6050.27Bulova 7WMC
Bulova 1561.10Bulova 6051.17Bulova 7WS
Bulova 1592.10Bulova 6051.27Bulova 7WSC
Bulova 1600.10Bulova 6052.27Bulova 7WZ
Bulova 1646.17Bulova 6053 17Bulova 8093.10
Bulova 16ABBulova 6053.17Bulova 89
Bulova 16ACBulova 6053.27Bulova 89-12B
Bulova 16AC2Bulova 6060.17Bulova 8A
Bulova 16AEBulova 6076.17Bulova 8AA
Bulova 16AE2Bulova 6082.17Bulova 8AAI
Bulova 16ANACDBulova 6086.17Bulova 8AB
Bulova 17ABulova 6092 10Bulova 8AC
Bulova 17AABulova 6092.10Bulova 8AD
Bulova 17ABBulova 6092.20Bulova 8AE
Bulova 17AEBulova 6092.30Bulova 8AH
Bulova 17AHBulova 6093.10Bulova 8AL
Bulova 17AHSBulova 6093.20Bulova 8AM
Bulova 17AIBulova 6093.30Bulova 8AN
Bulova 17ALBulova 6096.27Bulova 8AP
Bulova 17ALSBulova 6101.17Bulova 8AT
Bulova 17AMBulova 6110.17Bulova 8AW
Bulova 17ANBulova 6111.17Bulova 8AZ
Bulova 17APBulova 6121.17Bulova 8BA
Bulova 17ATBulova 6122 17Bulova 8BBA
Bulova 17HBulova 6122.17Bulova 8EA
Bulova 17MBulova 6130.17Bulova 8L
Bulova 17PBulova 6140.17Bulova 8P
Bulova 17RBulova 6141.17Bulova 8T
Bulova 17TRBulova 6142.17Bulova 8TA
Bulova 17VBulova 6146.17Bulova 9A
Bulova 19ACBulova 6150.10Bulova 9AA
Bulova 19AEBulova 6150.20Bulova 9AA1
Bulova 19ALRBulova 6151.10Bulova 9AAI
Bulova 19ATBulova 6151.20Bulova 9AB
Bulova 19ECBulova 6162.10Bulova 9ABC
Bulova 2300Bulova 6166.10Bulova 9AF
Bulova 218DBulova 6170.17Bulova 9AN
Bulova 2140Bulova 6170.27Bulova 9AR
Bulova 2141Bulova 6182.17Bulova 9ARC
Bulova 2142Bulova 6182.37Bulova 9AS
Bulova 214Bulova 6183.17Bulova 9ASC
Bulova 2181Bulova 6183.27Bulova 9AT
Bulova 2185Bulova 6183.37Bulova 9B
Bulova 2286Bulova 6190.17Bulova 9BAZO
Bulova 2293.10Bulova 6191.17Bulova 9BB
Bulova 2294.10Bulova 6200 17Bulova 9BBZO
Bulova 2242Bulova 6200 27Bulova 9N
Bulova 2210Bulova 6200.17Bulova 9P
Bulova 2301Bulova 6200.27Bulova CA
Bulova 2302Bulova 6200.37Bulova CIT 1005
Bulova 242Bulova 6201.17Bulova CIT 1105
Bulova 2182Bulova 6201.27Bulova CIT 2025
Bulova 2422.10Bulova 6201.37Bulova CIT 2035